Hi! My name is Leora and I’m a 21 year old freelance creative. Even though I have a degree in audiovisual design, I love making projects in all sorts of disciplines: illustration, animation, motion graphics, design and writing. Editing, research and concept development are my strong suits in film. I have a preference for critical themes, and subjects such as feminism and identity return to my work and writing regularly. 

Most of my passions (books, second hand fashion, painting) and creative whirlwind moments are shared on my YouTube channel, which is where I started as a content creator in 2014. As a book reviewer and influencer I have worked for several publishers such as Harper Collins, Moon and de Fontein and the Dutch National Library. Next to this I am also working on the release of my next documentary series, 'De kunst van het worden', for feminist platform Het Lief Dagboek. 

In need of an editor, illustrator, animator or just want to get in touch? ​​​​​​​
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