Men and women are still not equal in our society, and in the arts this is unfortunately no different. With this feminist documentary series I am hoping to start a trend of giving more attention to the amazing female artists out there. Even today, only 13% of the art in our biggest museums is made by women (research by MamaCash, Pauline Salet and Astrid Kerchman), and the documentation of women that were active in our history as artists has been lacking, so we don't learn about Picasso's, Van Goghs and Karel Appel's female counterparts in school. If she can't see it, she can't be it: better representation is key. Hopefully this documentary series can be a first step to represent and showcase more female artists. 

This project was made for feminist platform Het Lief Dagboek and will be released in November via their streaming platform as a webshow. ​​​​​​​

Concept development, research, editing & directed by Leora Kannekens 
Production by Martine van der Kolk and Annerose van Strijen 
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