My name is Leora. I love telling stories by illustrating, writing,  animating, video (editing), graphics and design. ​​​​​​​

Dutch Royal Library (KB) - Content Creation
Illustration gallery
A gallery of some of my most recent illustrations and gif animations.
De kunst van het worden - film
Did you know only 13% of art currently on display in Dutch museums was made by female artists? A portrait documentary series giving three artists from different generations a stage to talk about their work, identity and struggles.
Kon je dan niet blijven voor mij? - title design
Title design for film/documentary.
Vintage Tour - video
A poster and promotion videos plus photos for singer-songwriter Lotte Walda's Vintage Tour.
CURIOUS IT - writing, illustration and photography
Illustration, writing and photography work for a magazine that inspires and empowers young women to follow a technical education.
Lot - film
Everyone makes choices, but Lotte Walda makes very exceptional ones. As a young singer songwriter in the making, she’s constantly throwing herself into ridiculous situations, by forgetting everything that’s remotely relevant and by not planning a single second of her journey. An intimate portrait of a chaotic being.
Lekker ruziemaken - writing
Written column (in dutch) about the mutual understanding that conflict can bring.
The internet's carbon footprint is growing every year. And so is our need for more data centers.
YouTube - Design and illustration
A full package to spice up any YouTube channel: I can design a banner, an icon, an endscreen and an intro animation as well!
A new version of tableau vivant. Join these old ladies in their amazing time travel adventures.
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